Vietnamese dating traditions

08-Jul-2016 17:31

Having a Vietnamese friend to help smooth the way can make life much easier and knowing even a few words of Vietnamese will earn approval and acceptance. Sign up here for IL Australia’s e-letter and we’ll send you five free postcard e-letters weekly.Beer and shots of rice wine or spirits are often served with a meal and are consumed well into the evening. This ritual is continued throughout the evening until the drinking is finished. We’ll also send you a FREE research report on Vietnam: Experience the Magic of the Orient.

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The concept of “face” is important to citizens of many Asian nations and Vietnam is no exception.The confucian poet-philosopher-scholar is typified by Lê Quý Đôn.Other confucianists include Chu Văn An (1292–1370) mandarin, Lê Quát a 14th Century anti-Buddhist Confucian writer, Mạc Đĩnh Chi (1280–1350), Nguyễn Trãi (1380–1442) a famous Đại Việt Confucian scholar, Nguyễn Khuyến (1835-1909).The concept of the individual is less meaningful in Vietnam than in Western countries.

The Vietnamese see themselves as part of a larger group that includes family, community and country. Rather than using names, people most often refer to others in terms of relationship.Ancestor worship is widely practiced, with elaborate rites and ceremonies to honour family members dating back nine generations.

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