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Changing that will be a key goal of the new owners, it is understood.Another priority for the new French entrant is likely to be an easing of the tension in Eir's relationship with regulator Comreg, said the industry source.A consortium linked to French telecoms tycoon Xavier Niel last week announced it was buying a majority controlling stake in Eir, valuing the former state telecoms company at €3.5bn.

Claire Bennet is shown liking men and being seriously involved with a boyfriend.The new owner's status as an industrial rather than financial player is understood to have been its key calling card when it came knocking, not least in how this could help improve the relationship Eir has with the regulator.It will be the first time the telco has been owned by an industry player for many years.Previous commitments to bring better services to rural Ireland are likely to be honoured, it is understood, but improved services in both mobile and broadband in Dublin and other key urban locations will be a priority.

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Eir is one of two companies, along with Enet, competing for the Government's massive but long-delayed National Broadband Plan, aimed at delivering state-subsidised high-speed broadband to hundreds of thousands of rural homes.

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