Updating 403 b plan

07-Feb-2016 03:52

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Click here for a chart illustrating the devastating effects that inflation on a fixed income.

Your contributions to the 403(b) plan are made before state and federal income taxes are applied to your salary in the payroll system.

The Washington State Department of Commerce is updating the rules for the state’s Small Business Retirement Marketplace. 22 at at the Washington State Department of Commerce at 1011 Plum Street, SE, Room 407, Olympia, WA, 98504.

The department is responsible for managing the Washington Small Business Retirement Marketplace in consultation with the state Office of the Insurance Commissioner and Department of Financial Institutions.

Your voluntary savings in the plan are accessible in a wide variety of payment methods, and at different times – the key features of an emergency fund!

Roth 401(k) and 403(b) plans available since January 2006 offer substantial benefits to employees who are looking for ways to shelter income from taxes on a permanent basis.

The Massachusetts 403(b) Elective Deferral Savings Plan (the 403(b) plan) gives you the opportunity to supplement your core retirement benefits under the State Employees' Retirement System (MSERS) or the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) with this voluntary benefit.

The plan is available to employees of: Your supplemental savings in the plan can help offset the effects of inflation on a long-term fixed retirement income.

This simplicity is worth something in and of itself, especially for retirees who are not financially savvy and may struggle with understanding how their plan distributions impact their taxes in other areas. Beyond these issues, Roth accounts provide a deeper assurance that the employee has a future hedge against taxes, which becomes even more valuable if taxes increase. They also say that a verified plan which is proposed to be offered in the marketplace must be submitted to the department for review and approval, including all documentation, in a form prescribed by the department and comply with applicable laws and rules, including federal tax laws.

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