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Cost: Free Reputation: The site has faced some scrutiny, namely that it attracts many more “casual daters” than “relationship daters”.However, that doesn’t mean POF should be overlooked; the site does hold the #1 dating site ranking in several countries, including the United States.Cost: Free Reputation: OKCupid has been rated one of the best online dating websites by several publications.One of the only big complaints about the service is that it doesn’t offer the level of privacy to members that it claims it does.However, Ruth felt like she would find partners only looking for sex on any dating website, not just OKCupid, and that if she’d had used the site longer, she could’ve found a quality match.“I think if [someone has] more patience with people than I do, it would work!

Users answer questions to make up a dating profile.However, it goes without saying that it is naïve to believe that anything posted on the Internet is truly “private”, and this is not an issue that only OKCupid faces.Another huge plus for collegiettes looking for love online: OKCupid is known to have a younger demographic, which means you can find whatever you’re looking for, whether it be a casual dating experience or a more serious relationship.Even though so many people are meeting each other and forming relationships online that your grandma can't even really look at you funny for it (maybe she's doing it herself), a lot of us are doing it wrong.

That's where Christine Hooker, professional online dating consultant, comes in.

For her one-on-one consultations, Hooker sits down with her clients, walking through their profiles step-by-step and brainstorming each answer.