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27-Aug-2016 08:13

Despite the director, writer, and source material - Rupert Wyatt, William Monahan and James Caan’s 1974 cult classic.

His performance is prickly and unlikeable, but charismatic enough to keep you engaged. It has that slow 70s style which I liked so much in Mississippi Grind, and unhealthy lighting in washed out blues and deep shadows, with a soundtrack album full of eerie twangling covers of old jukebox favorites.

There is also something almost comical in the grim ratcheting up of his increasingly self-destructive behavior that is managed with a very light touch and moments of flippant comedy.

From the reviews I have read, it sounds like if you have seen the original, this movie fails to justify its own existence.

From that point on, the question is: will Marky-Mark learn to walk when the time comes? The humor is dry and mostly works, the theme’s are well patterned, and Wahlberg does an excellent line in flippant degenerate, if an unconvincing professor.

The box office takings were poor, and the reviews tepid. Because it’s really quite good, damn the other critics.

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She has to be a 10 in looks, young, smart, sweet, sophisticated and in a sexy class all her own.

It would be a solid role for Wahlberg and could be one of the nice remakes that draws attention to the original, bringing it a new audience in the process.

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