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Use technology to fight technology Many authorities suggest using technology to combat technology.

And just as kids are often better than their parents at playing make believe, they’re often better at keeping up with technology, too. It’s impossible to say how many pedophiles there are lurking on the Net, but if you doubt the severity of the problem, log on to almost any IRC channel. customs agent Marcus Lawson once pretended to be young boys or girls for a living. I’ll tell him no.”) “I don’t think the Internet has created more pedophiles.They have to understand that even if they don’t have a computer at home, they have to have rules.” Baltimore County Public Schools Internet safety coordinator Della Curtis said a survey of parents in the 104,000-family district showed that most don’t know what their children are doing in school with the Internet, and that lack of information is a chief cause of anxiety. took the keyboard with her when she left the home,” Curtis said. Keep abreast of all your child’s e-mail accounts; understand that free Web e-mail may allow your child to have plenty of e-mail accounts you don’t know about.If your child will chat, take some time to come up with an alias, or fake name.“I _HONESTLY_ wonder if most of you realize what you are saying when you say read your kids e-mail,” said David Weaver on bulletin board that was hosted by

“Reading a kid’s e-mail is like: Reading normal mail they send Eavesdropping on all their conversations Picking up another phone line when they are on the phone.” One response: “Hands off parenting is not the answer.Don’t look at pornographic pictures, and you won’t have to worry about them.