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Kenney ] Charley barges in with a telescope, certain that the full moon will bring romance.The Westons scoff, then find that there's something in it after all.This series was conceived by Susan Harris as a companion piece to her enormously successful , Estelle Getty's character of Sophia Petrillo became a regular cast member, perpetually seeking refuge with the Westons from her hated Shady Pines retirement home.Production credits: Witt Thomas Harris Productions in association with Touchstone Television Created by Susan Harris Executive Producers: Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Gary Jacobs, Susan Harris, Rod Parker, Hal Cooler, Nina Feinberg, Bob Tischler, Regina Stewart Larsen, Peter Galley Producers: Roger Garrett, Rob La Zebnick, David Sacks, Harold Kimmel, Gilbert Junger, Arnie Kogen, Susan Beavers, Regina Stewart Larsen, Ursula Ziegler, Steve Sullivan, Dennis Snee Co-Producers: Ursula Ziegler, Steve Sullivan, Dennis Snee Supervising Producers: Arnie Kogen, Susan Beavers, David Tyron King, Peter Galley, Rick Newberger, Bob Tischler, Vince Chang, Ben Montanio Associate Producers: Gwen Mc Cracken, Joanne Diaz-Koegl, David Amico Ex-Story Consultants: Pat Dougherty, Rob La Zebnick, David Sacks, Harold Kimmel, Marie-Therese Squerciati Story Editors: Bill Braunstein, Sydney Blake, Pat Dougherty, Paul B.

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Franc Luz [ Eric ], Edan Gross [ Jeffrey Millstein ], Tom Nibley [ Waiter ] Carol falls in love with Eric, a South American freedom fighter, and decides to follow him home to San Rojos, despite Harry's protests then discovers he's really an undercover FBI agent infiltrating protest groups.Meanwhile, Harry's precocious patient Jeffrey announces that he needs an "older woman," and decides that Laverne will fit the bill.