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Is there a chance you could email it to me as it would be another to add to the archive pictures I already have.The photograph of the car accident at the Ash was about 1951-52 I think.I am compiling THE HERALDRY OF ELY CATHEDRAL and writing a short biography of the Bishop.I'm aware of the Hobbs monument in the Church but I would love to know what sort of family the Hobbs were. Any ideas gratefully received,many thanks, Tim Cockerill Hi, you might be interested in the fact that my grandfather Albert Hobbs came from Henstridge and moved to Deal in Kent after WW2 with his brother and they both married twin sisters in Kingsdown, Kent.The quiz is held the last Thursday of the month and we will be raising funds until November.You can contact me on 01963 363852 and I will happily collect anything donated.See my website you know of anyone who might have such a photo or postcard I would be grateful to know.Yours cordially, Robert Senior Does anyone remember an episode of a children's tv serial being shot in Henstridge?

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If anyone has any information please can they let me know.thank [email protected] anyone add any information to the fact that Wincanton truck centre at Henstridge business park has been closed by administrators, I'm looking for advice on a diesel horse box to convert and the possible servicing thereof if purchassed Hello, I'm doing some research for a friend whose father was killed while she was just a baby in 1944. S vehicle which caused the accident as British Rail refused to pay the £1,000 compensation because of the U.

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I seem to recall it was shot partly in Vale Street and some scenes in Park Lane and was a sort of sci-fi adventure. I wonder if it was part of a serial called 'The Tomorrow People' which had the young Martin Kemp in it.

Marion Lovelace I attach a photo of community spirit - this is a shot of a party on the coronation of the Queen, when all the kids were lashed up to a tea and stickies up the rec.

S involvement, leaving behind a young Mum with 5 small children to bring up.