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25-Jan-2017 20:43

Here you'll find only natural set-ups (no girls could even supposed that they were in candid camera), the best view angles and the most sexy and attractive girls.We display only exclusive high quality photo (the most photos are 2464*1540) and video in Div X and WMV formats. FIRST...."contract" is NOT with CANADA, it is with Bell Helicopters Canada, in Quebec.....same firm that made the Canadian Forces CH 146 Griffon UTILITY helicopters...... ....are NOT "Military" grade helicopters at all..are readily available CIVILIAN used Helicopters...there is NOTHING special about them.......that really makes it NOTHING that Canada gets involved in....these will do is fly troops around.......nothing nefarious about where business is........ Good for them..some more into Canadian Economy... If you have photos or videos you would like to share with our candid world, you are welcome to post your own candid shots in the contribution area of our site.We give the FREE MEMBERSHIP to all our contributors.

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Welcome to Life Voyeur - the only place on the Web where you can see REAL-LIFE and not staged adult voyeur video without having to pay for it!

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We carefully select the photos to display to avoid showing nearly the same frames several times, and also crop the images and do color correction.

The hundreds of girls were caught by our candid camera - they are walking at the street, do shopping, hurrying to meeting, exiting metro station, they are dressed in high heel or flat shoes, sandals, mini skirts, tight jeans, sexy dresses, tops and trousers.

We provide top quality asses in tight jeans and short skirts.

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