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“It’s that powerful.” We are well into our third round of Arrogant Frog, a merlot that Spencer chose because its name reminds him of Pepe, the cartoon frog commandeered as a mascot by the “alt-right” movement that has been thrust from the shadows by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Spencer says Pepe could also be seen as the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian frog deity, Kek: “He is basically using the alt-right to unleash chaos and change the world,” he says, looking slightly annoyed when I crack a smile. dropout who sometimes resides in a Bavarian-style mansion at the edge of a ski slope, he has for years been quite literally shouting into the wilderness, proclaiming to anyone who will listen that the alt-right, whose name he coined in 2008, is the only political movement that really gives a damn about white Americans.

Spencer subscribes zealously to the idea that America’s white population is endangered, thanks to multiculturalism and lax immigration policies that have gone unchallenged by mainstream conservatives—or, as Spencer and the alt-righters call them, “cuckservatives.” He envisions a future for the United States along the lines of “a renewed Roman Empire,” a dictatorship where the main criteria for citizenship would be whiteness.

Bush lived in the same neighborhood and sent his daughters to St. Spencer’s father, an ophthalmologist, did not care much about politics but voted Republican out of habit.

Spencer played varsity football and baseball and hung out with the popular crowd. Spencer was friends with the only African American student in his class, John Lewis, and once invited him for a sleepover.

“Race is real, race matters, and race is the foundation of identity,” he said, flanked by a vaguely Later that evening, Spencer and a who’s who of white nationalists met for dinner at the low-lit Tabard Inn, a classic Dupont Circle watering hole. “Conservatism is going to be dead in my lifetime and the question is, who is going to define the right after that?

The group included Jared Taylor, who runs the website in which a Somali pirate wielding an assault rifle barges onto the bridge of Tom Hanks’ cargo ship. I want to do that.” part of Dallas in the 1990s, Richard Bertrand Spencer attended St.“You might say, ‘Wow,’ but this is literally how religions arise.” If Pepe is the alt-right’s god, then Spencer is its self-styled prophet. In Spencer’s view, if you aren’t a white American, that’s fine—but you should leave.