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Coroner David Bowen told the Newport hearing: "In this case given the evidence the death of Mr Clarke was an attempt of some sort of sexual gratification that went wrong." Mr Bowen told the hearing there was evidence Prof Clarke started wearing the rubber outfit after his wife Kathryn was diagnosed with cancer.

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The classic “sweaty t-shirt” experiment got a group of men to wear plain white t-shirts for a few days, and women then had to rate the smells of the t-shirts — the researcher, Swiss zoologist Claus Wedekind, found that women were more attracted to the smells of men with whom they were MHC compatible.

PSA is very water-soluble, and gets washed away in the shower, removing the semen’s ability to liquify.

If you want to make sure you can get semen out of whatever it’s on, wait a few minutes for the PSA to kick in and you should be fine.

Semen contains different kinds of proteins — the two that are relevant to this particular discussion are semenogelin (a coagulating protein) and prostate solution antigen (PSA – a dissolving protein).

Semenogelin gets solid and sticky especially around non-alkaline substances — like water, or the acidic environment of vaginal secretions — and then the PSA kicks in to break it down to a more liquidy liquid anywhere from 5-40 minutes later.This is not to say that smell is the only factor in attraction; there’s a lot more to it than that.