Ring mountings antique dating

05-Sep-2016 13:12

Not only do we have the introduction of white gold, but this is the first era to truly embrace the engagement ring as we know it today.If there is one word you should take from Art Deco wedding jewelry, it would have to be filigree.Men’s rings are often cast in 10K because the additional alloys make the ring more durable, since gold is a very soft metal.

Some of the more common periods include: Victorian (1835-1890): Finding diamond engagement rings from this era is difficult but not impossible, though the terms “Victorian” and “sentiment” go hand in hand.Diamonds and exotic gemstones are set in delicate lacy mountings accented with natural pearls and, of course, platinum.Influence is drawn from both Art Nouveau and Art Deco aesthetics, and there is an inherent daintiness to these pieces that make them incredibly elegant.Etsy has an incredible and expanding collection of vintage wedding jewelry from reputable sellers.

If you are shopping locally, seek out antique jewelry stores or go into a mom-and-pop jewelry store and ask if they have an estate section. I once had a couple buy an “antique” ring from an antique jewelry store in my area, only to discover the ring was brand new from a big box store. If the dealer doesn’t seem confident in the age or authenticity of a piece, it is definitely a deal breaker.A great alternative to a diamond is a sapphire, since it is a hard stone durable enough for everyday wear.