Prostitute in nairobi dam estate

02-Nov-2016 01:47

On the far end, there is the thug infested Githurai 45.If Njoki Chege wants the definition of the wealthy and rich people, let her travel to Kahawa Sukari estate….forget the Karen and Runda estates and the likes of akina Chris Kirubi….only in Kahawa Sukari where we have the low profile wealthy and rich people mainly of Meru origin....kwa Wameru yawa!!Traffic from bars to lodgings is ever high from around 10 pm every night.I assume when Njoki Chege recently spoke about the Kinoo and Roysambu men did so without well researched facts.The general perception of prostitution is that it’s a street trade. While there are countless hookers on CBD streets, estates are equally filled with both high-end and They manage to conceal themselves in Mafioso fashion.

Besides these boys, are very gorgeous and good-looking ladies who have been spoilt by the cheap liquor. A times I pause writing and ask, are these boys not occupied with anything to do?

In East Africa, Nairobi boasts the highest number of prostitutes per acre.