Poland international dating

17-Jul-2016 10:42

Many, in fact, moved there to be with their Polish girlfriends, or wives.The sad truth is that there are many Polish women out there that lose their shit when it comes to Western men.Poland still asks women if they are married or planning on having children when women are interviewed for jobs, so that companies can weed out undesirables.In Poland, my students told me, they were blatantly passed over for jobs and job promotions based on their gender and were told that this was why they weren’t hired.

One of the things I embrace about American culture is the culture of feminism.

The entire spectrum of rights that women in America enjoy…I’m behind it 100%. Poland is like stepping back into the 1950s in the US.

So you can imagine the unpleasant shock I got when I moved to Poland in terms of how women are treated. Poland is a land with outlawed abortions, poor sexual education, and limited contraceptive use.

More Poles than ever before are traveling and living abroad.

When they return home, for better or worse, they bring with them the cultural ideas and influences they have picked up abroad.And the options that are available are fascinated with the locals, and most emphatically, not with you.

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Many, in fact, moved there to be with their Polish girlfriends, or wives.… continue reading »

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