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01-Apr-2016 05:29

Made up of cosmopolitan shops and eateries, and centred on the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower, the area is a popular meeting point on the Kowloon Peninsula, directly opposite the harbour.

With so many people standing around enjoying the scene, striking up conversation is natural and welcome.

While the Western style of dating might hold prominence for expats and the younger generation, it’s still far from being accepted in the traditional Chinese ‘dating scene’.

Be careful with your commitments if you’re dating a Chinese partner; a few dates might not mean much in the UK or US, but in Hong Kong it can be an indication of unspoken commitment.

Many expats report that Hong Kong is one of the friendliest places that they’ve ever lived and they have yet to meet a strictly ‘non-receptive’ local.

There are areas in the city where English is spoken almost universally, where educated Chinese citizens frequent and where the locals have an interest in other cultures.

While work still plays a huge role in the life of many expats, it’s less common for it to be the sole reason for moving.

There are some important differences in the dating culture of Hong Kong, and if you’re intending to date locals then it would be wise to brush up on the local customs.

You might find the concept of ‘casual dating’ a little hard to come by in Hong Kong.

Everything from tennis to embroidery, local councils to horticulture – socialising is a big part of life here and any chance to indulge is swiftly taken.

These societies are perfect places to meet people with similar interests, or even the same nationalities.Some of the larger clubs include the American Women’s Association, the Foreign Correspondents Club, the China Club and the Helena May.

You can also send messages and winks to other members in your area.… continue reading »

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Anything shorter than 17 days, and feelings of uncertainty might do Granted, the study didn't take into account other reasons those relationships might have ended poorly.… continue reading »

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If you’re looking for love, you might end up on an online dating site, where, as some people will attest, you’ll meet all kinds of people.… continue reading »

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