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Individuals frequently refer to themselves as “off the derech”, or OTD, reclaiming the dismissive term given to leavers by members of the orthodox communities they have left.Footsteps was founded in December, 2003, by Malkie Schwartz, a former Chabad Hasid from Crown Heights, while enrolled as a student at Hunter College in New York City.Because to the chareidi world, those who ‘go off’ can be nothing but irrational, emotional children. In many situations, fear/loathing brings humanity together.

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Footsteps is a not-for-profit organization based in New York City that provides educational, vocational, and social support to people who have left or want to leave an ultra-Orthodox or Orthodox Jewish community in the United States.Feel free to disagree; I'm not set in stone.“Oh, it’s just a terrible situation,” Leah Schottenstein says over a cup of coffee to her friend, Sara Liebowitz. He smokes cigarettes and reads Faulkner novels and dates shiksas.”“Yes,” Mrs. It has to do with you and your family.”“That’s true,” agrees Mrs. “But how do I reverse the negative experiences Yosef has had?