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28-Feb-2016 13:03

“He’s my on-again, off-again lover,” said Silverman, 46. Silverman then explained that Sheen, 48, moved from Los Angeles to the U. around the time his daughter Lily was accepted to college.“His daughter turned 18, he wanted to go home,” Silverman told Kimmel, whom she dated twice between 20.“I’m so glad everything worked out [with you]: two kids — four kids!

appearance on Thursday, Sarah Silverman got into the topic of her current relationship with Michael Sheen with her ex, host Jimmy Kimmel. “No, he’s on-again — I call him my on-again, off-again lover because we’re apart by oceans — one ocean,” she clarified."It's like I never left, only you're married," Silverman said to her former beau of five years as she held a box of Kimmel's belongings. " the host said, Despite the two comedians efforts to joke around with one another there was still a tad bit of discomfort in the air. It's the cycle of life." "It's very natural," Kimmel said laughing."I loved you," she said as she took a pair of Kimmel's old socks from the box along with a phone charger and jeans from before he slimmed down. The duo split in 2008 and Kimmel wed Molly Mc Nearney this past summer in a star-studded affair.Take the plunge into online dating and start meeting possible people to date in Kimmell.

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He plays a Fed Ex deliveryman who brings a cake of congratulations to Kimmel and Affleck.