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method of validating analysing data

Another newspaper, Telegraph praises the title as "one of the most emotional and revealing confessions".

In South Africa Notes from Hell also received positive reaction from the critics.

In 1999 seventeen Bulgarian nurses were kidnapped from a hospital in Benghazi, Libya where they worked and were confined in a police station in the capital Tripoli.

During the next eight and a half years five of the nurses, including Cherveniashka, were held in different prisons accused of deliberately infecting more than 400 children with HIV.

Here is the code I'm using, it is just a rewrite of one of your demos: // network def.

// - neurons per layer, including input N = [4,2,1]; // inputs x = inputs'; //inputs were taken from a CSV file and organised into this matrix. // targets, at training stage is acts as identity networ t = outputs; //same as inputs // learning parameter lp = [0.01,0]; // init randomize weights between r = [-1,1]; W = ann_FF_init(N,r); // Do 100 iterations timer(); W = ann_FF_Std_batch(x,t, N, W,lp,100); disp(timer()); Your code is very easy to use, but is there a way to speed it up? E = ann_sum_of_sqr(y,t) E = 0.6000495 E is too error.

They survived torture, physical and mental abuse, and several death sentences, before their liberation in 2007.

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A journalist from Standart newspaper called it "a significant topic of discussion".

FDA's treatment of social media as labeling opens up a broad opportunity for FDA to claim your product is illegal.