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The New York accent is well attested in American movies and television shows, often exaggerated, and especially ones about American mobsters from the area.

Though it is sometimes known as a "Bronx" or "Brooklyn accent", no research has confirmed differences of accent between the city's boroughs.

On the contrary, Philadelphia–Baltimore and New York metropolitan accents, plus inland accents of the Northern and Southern U. largely shows a transitional state of the merger, particularly the Midland dialect region, from Ohio to eastern Kansas. English, however, tends to keep all these vowels more backed. One phenomenon apparently unique to North American American accents is the irregular behavior of words that in the British English standard, Received Pronunciation, have (where V stands for any vowel).

S., all strongly resist this merger, keeping the two sounds separate and thus maintaining an extra distinct vowel sound. Another prominent differentiating feature in regional North American English is fronting of the vowel (of words like house, now, and loud), making yowl sound something like yeah-wool or even yale. Words of this class include, among others: origin, Florida, horrible, quarrel, warren, borrow, tomorrow, sorry, and sorrow.

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This can be attributed to the fact that the West is the region most recently settled by English speakers, and so there has not been sufficient time for the region either to develop highly distinctive innovations or to split into strongly distinct dialectological subregions. Some youthful urban Californians possesses a vowel shift partly identical to the Canadian shift in its backing or lowering of each front vowel one space in the mouth.

Most of the rest of this article is organized according to this ANAE classification.