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31-Aug-2016 02:29

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Senior year of high school rolled around and we decided — basically on a whim — to go to the same college.We both got in, we picked a dorm from a random list on a brochure, and we decided to room together.We knew each other so well that even a glance could communicate what one of us was feeling.C and I would hang out at my house with my family, playing games with my brothers and their friends in the interim.By the time Heather turned nine, the Graham fam had made a home in Agoura Hills, California where she would eventually find her way into acting.After a few smaller, yet memorable parts, Heather Graham started landing bigger roles starting with Gus Van Sant’s in which she played Lorraine, the final dating prospect for Jon Favreau’s character, Mike.When I couldn’t find a quarter, we would schedule a time via email for her to call the pay phone where I would be waiting.We would chat for an hour, sometimes more, until it got dark or until her parents wanted her to get off the damn phone.

We already knew that we wanted to do everything together, even in our “more adult” lives. Together, we met people we still love (like C’s husband! We took some of the same classes, but ultimately landed on different majors.

But that has to be a rumor, because what’s not to love about Appleton?

Of course, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to bail from the place where they grew up.

I had never in my life thrown as angsty a fit as I did when I had to switch schools.

My frustration had nothing at all to do with the school itself.Mostly, I was upset to leave my friends, especially C. We were still a couple of years away from driving age, and my family had a few quirks that made staying in touch difficult.