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They sleep in five-star hotels and run wild like college kids on spring break once they get off duty overseas."If air marshals are meant to protect our noble American way of life, there's no better way than by living the American dream: being paid to fuck around in a padded chair and take naps after cheating on your spouse in a hotel room.James Middleton – one of Britain’s most eligible bachelors – has been reportedly dating the Newcastle-born blonde since meeting her in an exclusive London club two months ago.w=300" data-large-file=" w=560" src=" w=385&h=257" width="385" height="257" data-original-width="385" data-original-height="257" itemprop=" title="DONNA AIR ON HOLIDAY IN CRETE - 2011" alt="DONNA AIR ON HOLIDAY IN CRETE - 2011" style="width: 385px; height: 257px;" / DONNA AIR ON HOLIDAY IN CRETE – 2011 REF NO : 75150AO MUST CREDIT : ALAN OLLEY/SCOPEFEATURES.


The pair have been keeping their whirlwind romance under wraps, but are now said to have revealed to friends they are a couple.

One said: “It’s still early days but James thinks she’s great.

Or, if there was a convention at the hotel, they'd go to the convention, see what it was about and use that as their cover story," he said.

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"Next thing you know, they'd have women in their rooms."The party atmosphere went beyond drinking and having numerous lovers around the country, Lacson and others say.

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