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23-Feb-2016 08:51

Published: Fri, GMT Internet Filter Garners Top Rating from Top Consumer Top Consumer recently gave a best-in-class 5 star rating to Net Nanny, a leader among Internet Filter services.

With violent, offensive, and pornographic websites so prevalent online, the need to control the content that enters one's home or ...

Published: Sun, GMT Progress made on internet filters, says government Internet service providers have made progress in their bid to protect children from pornography, according to the government.

Sky has joined Talk Talk by launching family-friendly filters which customers are asked at the point of signing up if they want to ...

Parents and others were prosecuted for, and in a few cases convicted of, manslaughter or neglect.

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Published: Tue, GMT Internet Filters Used to Shield Minors Censor Speech, Critics Say When Jeffery Pollock ran for Congress last year, he posted his forceful opinions on more than a dozen topics on his Web site, pollock4congress .com, including his support for the federally mandated use of Internet ''filtering'' software to block ...Most significantly, she dismissed the material world as an illusion, rather than as merely subordinate to Mind, leading her to reject the use of medicine, or materia medica, and making Christian Science the most controversial of the metaphysical groups. According to the church's tenets, adherents accept "the inspired Word of the Bible as [their] sufficient guide to eternal Life ...acknowledge and adore one supreme and infinite God ...The filter mainly targets adult oriented content, but one provider now says that VPN services also fall into this category as they allow kids to ...

Published: Sun, GMT Bull Guard Internet Security (2016) Entry-level Bull Guard Internet Security has all the expected components except spam filtering, as well as backup, tune-up, and more. Unfortunately, the quality of these features doesn't jibe with the quantity. Published: Mon, GMT Internet filters will NOT protect your children from watching pornography and violence online Internet filters may not shield schoolchildren from bad experiences, because they can get online using smartphones instead.

And with all the other violent and offensive websites out there, the problem is not going to get better anytime soon.