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While in many settings there's someone the child could find for help, in some (small towns in The '50s, before the internet, fundamentalist religious societies) there isn't or the children don't know/can't find the actually supportive adults and/or can't identify their treatment as abuse.Sometimes it may even be a simple case of Poor Communication Kills - sometimes the adults seem worthless because they aren't seeing it from ' point of view. Just call me Hater, for that is what I do with my time against others: I hate, hate, and hate some more. I've looked at some other sources, and found myself either amazed, fascinated, or disgusted with the other works of fiction.

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Parental Obliviousness and Police Are Useless are subtropes.

However, this trope can occasionally be used in a more mature fashion to demonstrate a moral about growing up and realizing that adults are not all-powerful.

Personal messages cost 25 tokens, I prefer the main room.… continue reading »

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Auldridge, portrayed by Joshua Malina, is an FBI Agent who handles difficult unsolved cases involving unusual evidence or facts. He meets with captured Sarah Connor twice while in prison.… continue reading »

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