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He was gently stroking it with his fingers, smelling and kissing it. " "Oh yes." "I see you found her dirty panties." Maya grabbed his dick and started to stroke it. She had too, while she brought us a gift." "What do you mean..." "She brought us nice sexy latex sheets. She wiped her pussy with her fingers and licked them clean. They were hugging and rubbing their wet bodies against each other. The endloved your story..i remember how the principal's office at my school,where all of the paddlings were given to the boys and girls who broke the rules,used to always smell all pee wet from different ones peeing on the chairs while waiting to get their 3,5,10 licks with the wooden paddle,and there was something about that strong ammonia-type aroma,.wet pee diapers.would always get me all horny from being in there smelling it,along with hearing the loud smacking noises that the paddle made as it was being used again and again !

He put them around his dick and started to stroke himself. He was watching Maya in her sister's underwear lying on her sister's bed.

He lay down on her bed imagining how she slept the previous night in it. Then he found the most precious piece of her clothes, her used panties. Matthew liked the idea, specially now that he was so turned on. But we will have to drink before that, a lot." Maya was watching his hard dick. You can't pee if you have a hard on." She put off her dress and her panties. She took the panties from Matthew's dick and put them on. Matthew moaned when he felt her pee touching his dick.

All the time he was imagining the breasts that this bra was lucky to hold. "You know my little sister has an interesting fetish." "Really, what? She likes peeing on guys and she likes even more that they pee on her." "Exciting. She tried to convince me that we should try peeing too. He was watching the pee coming out of Maya's pussy and splashing on his balls.

They rubbed their bodies together and wiped each other with their hands.

Maya could see that he was extremely turned on and it turned her on. Matthew could feel her warm pee splashing on his chest.

Whether you’re planning on moving the payload in Overwatch, raging at your team mates in DOTA 2, or fragging your way to victory in a heated game of Call of Duty, the NAG LAN is an unforgettable experience, and each year the tickets sell out in minutes.

r Age is South Africa’s biggest annual video gaming, computer, technology and geek culture exhibition.

Now in its 15th year, the NAG LAN is Southern Africa’s largest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer/Console) LAN event.

In 2017 the NAG LAN will be hosted at the annual r Age Expo in Johannesburg.Later, after they drank a lot, Maya and Matthew were standing naked in the living room. We could have a lot of fun together if you'll like it." "You don't mind? He was staring at her pussy anxiously waiting for her to pee.

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